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Trust is a really sensitive topic in your sexual relationship. It is a pre-requisite for the occurrence of conscious sexual interaction. This is the reason why most people don�t jump into bed with anyone whom they have just met. Everyone prefers to first build trust in their partner and then move towards any kind of intimacy. A sexual counsellor helps in building trust with the person whose actions, behaviours and words come as reliable, truthful and makes sense to you.

Sexual counsellors use an inbuilt trust detector, which scans the personality of people and then gives green light when they find it safe to go on. There are people who are overly sensitive and find it hard to trust anyone because they have been hurt and abused in their past.

Trust is an important element in a sexual relationship, so a sexual counsellor works to develop deeper trust between the partners, which is something more than what is needed for a usual friendship. You will never trust each other easily because to be sexually intimate with someone you need to show your naked selves, your vulnerability, let your guard down. If you are in a committed relationship then it becomes important to talk about the likes and dislikes of partners, which helps them in building a trustworthy sexual relationship.

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