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Pre Marriage Counselling

Many couples opt to go through a lot of trials and challenges before they decide to get married. They have already experienced many ups and downs in their relationship with their partner but still there are some challenges which can really affect their relation. This is something alarming especially when they are about to get married. So, it is advisable to take pre-marriage counselling from a relationship expert.

However, you should never opt to seek counselling at the very first fight with your partner nor you should take it as the last resort. Pre-marriage counselling helps the couples achieve a level of communication and understanding which is lacking in most relationships. Mostly people are afraid of taking counselling through an expert, thinking that this is a sign of poor relationship and failure while others are superstitious that it�s a jinx and might doom your relationship to its end.

Relationship counselling has been proven effective in strengthening relationships and resolving the unaddressed issues between the partners. Today, there are so many factors that put stress on couples such as work, finance, family, child, in-laws and many more. All these things affect couple relations to a great extent. Thus, they need help from a counsellor to make their relation better and bonding stronger. However, it�s also important to go to a professional and expert counsellor when it comes to working on a weak relationship with your partner.

Friends and family are also good counsellors but they are not expert of the field, so they can sometimes give you a wrong advice. So, it is recommended that every unmarried couple should go for a pre-marriage counselling before marriage. Get in touch with Dr.Monga Health World and Dr.JyotiAroraMonga today !

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