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Overweight / Obesity

Obesity has highest risk factor for ovulation problems and also contributes to women infertility. A study has shown that approximately 34% of young women, who struggle to get pregnant due to infertility, are also obese. Amenorrhea is a major problem caused by obesity, which results in lack of mensuration and ovulation. Overweight can also contribute to anovulation, irregular menstruation, reduced conception rate and reduced response to the fertility treatment.

Further, it may also result in an increase in the number of miscarriages and maternal and perinatal complications. Therefore, obesity not only contributes to infertility but can also expose both the mother and infant to various risks before birth and after birth.

In addition, an obese woman who has undergone fertility treatments is less likely to achieve success. Women produce male hormones, called androgens, due to the fat deposited in her abdomen. These will prevent follicular maturation and contribute to anovulation. For proper diagnosis and treatment, you can contact Dr.Jyoti Arora Monga at Monga�s Health World.

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