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Loss of Libido

Loss of libido or sex drive is one of the commonly found problems which are affecting almost one in every five men and the surprising fact is that this problem is found even more among women at some point of their life.

A painful fact is that loss of libido among men or inhibited desire for sex makes a marriage highly stressful in comparison to other sexual dysfunction in the life of a man. While for women, declining hormones, stress of professional and personal life, relationship issues, and various other problems are responsible to make loss of libido for them. For women Loss of Libido is commonly known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder. You can find this problem in women of different age ranges starting as early as 18 years to even 59 years of age.

If an unexpected loss of libido is found in men or women and especially if that lasts for longer duration, it usually indicates some underlying personal, mental, medical or even lifestyle problem. This type of condition is really upsetting for both the partners in a relationship.

If priority is given, then both men and women can work personally for this problem and overcome it. If that doesn’t work in the expected manner, then availing psychosexual advice can bring the desired changes in the relationship. The causes behind the occurrences of Loss of Libido for both men and women can be judged well by a Medical counsellor . Certain medical products are also available in the market to arouse the desire for sex in men and women.

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