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Individual Counselling in Delhi

In Individual therapy clients work with a trained counsellor in a caring, confidential and safe environment. Individual counselling puts its focus on helping the individuals in finding out solution for their immediate problems or the ones they can experience in future. Here, therapist plays a vital role in exploring the feelings, behaviours, beliefs, attitudes and personality of individuals through the influential memories and challenges. Individual therapists identify the aspects of their life which they would like to change. After counselling the individuals try to better understand themselves and work to bring change.

People seek counselling for different reasons example copying with the challenges to be faced in life, dealing with depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, personal growth and self-knowledge. Sometimes, it takes only five to six weeks or several years of counselling to work on the unique needs and personal goals of the client.

Individual counsellors try to develop a collaborative relationship in which they will work together with the client to decide on what kind of treatment will work for you. They will work with their clients to provide them career counselling and planning. In this kind of counselling, both the client and counselling form an alliance, bond or relationship which develops trust in an individual. Further, with counselling an individual will become more focused towards personal growth and development. Dr.Yuvraj Monga Arora and Dr.Jyoti Arora Monga at Monga�s Health World are experts. Contact us today !

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