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Female Vaginismus Treatment in Delhi,Gurgaon

Vaginismus, also known as vaginism , is one such condition which affects the woman's ability and performance towards getting engaged at the time of vaginal penetration, which also includes sexual intercourse, penetration made manually, placing of tampons or cups of menstrual, and also at the time of required penetration done at the time of gynaecological examinations .

An important point which needs to be noted here is that women with Vaginismus do have the capacity to get sexually aroused and a huge percentage of women with this problem do have a deep desire to get engaged with partner for a sexual intercourse. The situation turns out to be really depressing for the woman who desires to go for love making physically but suffers due to Vaginismus.

Basically there are 2 categories of Vaginismus found in women:
  • Primary Vaginismus: This type of Vaginismus occurs particularly in women who never ever experienced pain-free sexual intercourse
  • Secondary Vaginismus: This type of Vaginismus occurs in women who earlier experienced pain free intercourse, but now suffer due to some trauma or surgery.

When we take a casual look at the available percentage of women suffering from Vaginismus then it appears to be really less. Many women out of shame and anxiety don�t disclose this condition in public and so many of cases remain unreported in database. As per research, these days Vaginismus is one of the prime reasons behind the no consummation of marriages. Treatment programs are made available to counsel women suffering from Vaginismus. You just need to contact Dr.Yuvraj Arora Monga and Dr.Jyoti Arora Monga at Monga�s Health World and get the right treatment for your problem.

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