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Not very long ago, it used to be a big, big deal to talk about women's sexuality. But with the internet revolution, women's sexuality has gradually become a more acceptable topic of discussion. Women themselves are no longer oblivious to the importance of their own sexuality and are willing to discuss and learn more about their sexual happiness.

Sexuality, especially for women, contains a very broad range of physical activities and emotions, like, thoughts, fantasies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviors, practices, roles and relationships. Besides sex, sexuality also means gender identities and roles, eroticism, pleasure, sexual orientation, intimacy and reproduction. Sexuality is an integral part of a woman's life and it satiates physical and emotional need for intimacy and satisfaction.

There is nothing as normal or not-so-normal sexuality when it comes to women's interest in sex and responses to sexual stimulation. Different women respond differently to different stimulations. A woman's sexual preference is affected by life situations, by age and hormonal levels, and by overall health and wellness.

While describing a womans sexual problem, we refer to anything that interferes with her sexual satisfaction. There could be many reasons by which she could get affected in enjoying a sexual experience, like, illness, disease, aging, disability, depression or fertility issues. However, the more knowledge she can gather about these issues the better it becomes for her to have a broader and more positive perspective of sexuality.

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