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Female Infertility | Treatment for PCOD

PCOD has a link which can alter the life of a woman forever. PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) can make a woman infertile by putting her in a condition where her body produces more male hormones or androgens. An excessive level of androgen is triggered by high level of insulin production in the body.

In simple words, a woman cannot produce a sufficient amount of female hormones due to the occurrence this symptom. On the other hand, these hormones are important component which make sure that the follicles in the ovaries have reached to their maturity. Due to the occurrence of the PCOD, female gender suffers from the malfunction of reproductive system further making it difficult for her to get pregnant.

If a woman is experiencing irregular or absence of menstrual period, then she must be checked for Infertility. It is an early sign of the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Women with this condition, in their ovary either experience irregular ovulation or fail to ovulate at all. However, there is an easy remedy possible for PCOD symptom. One of such remedy is weight loss, which can remove this problem through Metformin, which is an insulin sensitizing agent. Get proper treatment for PCOD at Monga�s Health World.

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