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Are you having problems in your marriage or other close relationship? You should take counselling from a professional . Sometimes people develop misconceptions about counselling experts in their minds. They believe that a counsellor will not listen to their list of grievances and will assign them homework to fix their problems. However, this is not true because counsellors listens but their main task is to lead you through the process of identifying the issues and help you in coming up with your own solutions. Below is a list of few ideas which can be implemented to repair your relationship.

  • Rules to vent your Frustration: Many couples believe the trick to improving a relation is avoiding arguments but in reality this generally leads both the partners to frustration. Instead, you and your partner should set down some rules and then feel free to vent some of your frustrations.
  • Write it down: One of the best ways to improve your relationship with your partner is by sharing your feelings on paper through a note or letter, which can express you with no interruption. Also, the other person cannot cut you off in the middle of a sentence. However, you still keep in mind that there should be no name calling or any kind of personal attacks.

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