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Are you looking forward to go to a counselling from a professional for the first time? Whatever is the reason for seeking help from the counsellor, you should always find out the reason why you need a counsellor as this will lead you more at ease and get better results. In the very first session, the therapist will simply ask you some questions based on your life and personality. A particular issue which led you seek for counselling is important to be understood by the therapist, who needs to understand your surface problems before getting into deeper issues.

At your counselling sessions, a therapist will ask you a series of questions about your personal life. Because family situations play an important role in developing the personality of a person, he will ask you about your family history and the current family situation.

Other than knowing the reason why you sought therapy, the counsellor will also attempt to find out if you show any other symptoms of your problem. For example, the problem you are facing might be causing some difficulty at work. All this information is used by the therapist to understand your situation in a better way. Also, he will make a diagnosis for you at the end of your first counselling session but will wait some more to diagnose your real problem.

Therapy needs team work, so if you don�t take active part in your counselling sessions, then you will not find your counselling valuable for you. You should be open to tell your therapist everything you are facing in your life. A Therapist is an experienced person and will ask you the right questions, but remember they are not the mind reader�s so be true to them. They can solve your problem effectively if you answer their questions properly.

You should go prepared for your first counselling session. Before you go to the session, it�s better to find out how to describe your feeling about the problem to the therapist. One way is to list down your problems and read them out loud. More you understand the way counselling works; the more comfortable you will be with your therapist.

Dr.Yuvraj Monga Arora and Dr.Jyoti Arora Monga ensure that each of their patients is fully satisfied when they take counselling from them at Dr Monga's Healthworld .

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