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Combined ED + PE

There are times when people confuse the two different ailments of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. These are completely different concepts.

In fact, if a man suffers from premature ejaculation, he does not necessarily suffer from the erectile dysfunction. They are not related to each other. So, it is evident that if a person has a good sexual health he might have premature ejaculation, but not the other ailment.

In case a person suffers from both the ailments

The two ailments are completely opposite to each other. If a person suffers from both of them at the same time, curing the erectile dysfunction will result in the betterment of the ejaculation. If there is a premature ejaculation, the erection goes away after the process. If the erectile dysfunction gets cured, the process of erection will be boosted.

PE vs. ED according to age

There is a popular myth that premature ejaculation is related to young ages. There are people who think that during the old ages, the problem subsides due to the lack of hormones. However, this is a wrong concept. There are incidents when people suffer from the ejaculation issues at the old ages as well. The rate of ejaculation remains constant with the ages, and varies from one person to another, according to the physical problems.

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