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Anejaculation in medical terms is defined as the inability to ejaculate in men. By inability to ejaculate here it means with orgasm and even without with orgasm. Orgasmic men who are suffering from An ejaculation do have orgasm with normal feeling but don’t ejaculate.

Ejaculation Absence does occur in men with Anejaculation as well as in men with retrograde ejaculation. Anejaculation happens because prostate gland as well as seminal ducts fails to release semen.

There are several reasons-physical and mental which are responsible for the occurrence of this problem. Diagnosis of the problem and the reason behind Ejaculation Absence can only be detected after checking urine collected just after sexual relationship. Do not worry if you suffer from the same. Contact Dr.Yuvraj Arora Monga at Dr Monga's Healthworld for the right treatment.

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